Blog Audit: Featuring Dani

Dani answered the following questions: What were your first impressions of this blog? What captured your attention? What distracted you on the blog? What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? “My first impressions were first his blog… Continue Reading →

SuperHero Awesomeness: Onomatopoeia Poem

Photo Credit: BOOM! the explosion startles the superheroes. All of them suit up, *zip! They are ready for what lies ahead… The flying superheroes take flight *WHOOSH! While the remaining superheroes take their advanced vehicles to the streets *ZOOM!… Continue Reading →

Finally, Goodbye!!! Just kidding, I’m gonna miss you guys!

Photo Credit: Hello fellow bloggers, it’s me Nainoa. This is the last post unfortunately, and I’m actually kinda sad. Usually right now, I’d be celebrating yelling “hip hip, hooray!” But I still have to do one last blog post… Continue Reading →

Dear Soccer/Futebol/Futbol/Football/Futbol Americano…

Photo Credit: Dear Soccer/Futebol/Futbol/Football/Futbol Americano, You are one of the magnificent things in the world (that’s an opinion by the way). When I’m feeling down, you help me get up by blasting the ball into the corner of the… Continue Reading →

Did Someone say… Animals?

Photo Credit: Was’ up fellow bloggers? It’s me, Nainoa. This weeks post is about “animals” (even though Mrs. W put a picture of an insect). Anyway, animals assist us in a variety of ways. For example: Undetonated landmines cause… Continue Reading →

Physical/Emotional Characteristics Poem.

Photo Credit: My friends may describe me as humorous, annoying, and a trouble-maker. If you knew me, you would agree with them too. I’m sometimes not the “sharpest tool in the shed,” but I still manage to do math… Continue Reading →

The Trip Of A Lifetime…

Photo Credit: Hello fellow bloggers, it’s me Nainoa! This week, our topic is travel-related. So, I decided to plan my trip to Barcelona (not really, I wish)! This wonderful place is also home to one of the best futebol… Continue Reading →

Count Out Three #2 (Again?!)

These are the first set of blogs my journey led me: 1. Marcy’s Blog 2. Ryan’s Blog 3. Jaydon’s Blog I commented on Jaydon’s Post about his favorite sport… Baseball! I enjoyed it because I learned valuable key parts in baseball… Continue Reading →

Chillaxed Lion…

Photo Credit: The lion searches, the lion perches, on the nearest tree he finds. He mounts the tree with granted ease, just to enjoy the warm, gentle, breeze. As he starts to sleep, the shadows creep, his fur begins… Continue Reading →

My Passion For Music

 Photo Credit: Kawai Transparent Piano Everyone has a passion. Those passions can range from something they enjoy doing, or something we don’t enjoy doing. I dedicate most of my time (other than homework) to music. Not just listening to music,… Continue Reading →

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